Age-specific manual for handball coaches


„You are holding a book in your hand that has been a long time in the making and per­haps should have been written earlier. Due to the rising popularity of the sport, to es­calating international competition and to the high expectations of fans and sport au­thorities, the stakeholders of Hungarian handball were compelled to come up with a new strategy for the youth development program. A crucial element of this is that there be an adequate, unified piece of literature for the coaches and teachers taking part in coaching education and teaching handball in schools. With all this in mind, we have attempted to create a manual that can be utilised as a whole or chapter by chapter.

We trust that this unique manual will help provide a higher standard of training and preparation for young players. it is our hope that the professionals will work with as much devotion, passion and sense of responsibility as what we felt when writing this book.


The Authors”

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