Payment methods


Upon personal delivery an order can be paid in cash in our shop (1087. Budapest, Könyves Kálmán krt. 76) during opening hours, without any additional costs.


You can pay by card online, as well as in our shop upon personal delivery. If you choose to pay online by card, you will be redirected to the K&H Bank payment page after placing your order.

Which cards can be used for payment?

  • Visa (embossed)
  • MasterCard (embossed)
  • American Express (embossed)
  • Electron (not embossed): for these cards, it is up to the issuing bank to determine whether it allows the card to be used online. If the bank that issued your Electron card allows you to use your card online, you can of course pay with your card in our online shop. For more information, please contact the bank that issued your card.
  • Maestro: If the issuing bank allows your Maestro card to be used for online payments, you will be able to use it in our shop as well. Please contact your bank for more information.

What should you look out for when entering your card details?

  • Card holder: Please enter the card holder’s name found on the card.
  • Card number: Please enter the 16-digit number in the front of the card. You only need to type in numbers, without any spaces or hyphens.
  • Expiration date: The expiration date is given in a MM/YY format (e.g. May 2021: 05/21).
  • CVC/CVV: Embossed cards always have a CVC, not embossed cards might also have it. The CVC is a 3-digit code which can be found in the reverse side of the card, next to the signature strip. Please enter the CVC if your card has one.